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Medical Marijuana Software for Collectives

Collectives involved in providing services for Medical Marijuana patients face risks that many are not willing to take. Besides having to be careful with their own actions, collective managers are also liable for the actions of all employees. MMjOS provides software applications that were created, and are constantly updated, to help reduce exposure to the liabilities they face. In addition, we strive to reduce the costs associated with management of members and their records. We have solutions for brick and mortar dispensaries as well as home delivery services.

New Price on MMjOS Pro!

If you pay in full within the 30 day trial period, MMjOS Pro is only $999.
If you need to set up a payment plan, it's $1199 over three months.
These are one-time purchase costs only, compared with our
competitors explained in detail just below and to the right.

What Makes Us Different!

We kid you not, a customer recently told us they were quoted $400/month by a competitor. Then once they have you they hold you hostage by charging exhorbitant fees to export your data to a different system, and can increase their monthly fees at any time. With MMjOS Pro you won't be spending thousands per year in perpetuity to have someone host your data on their server. We don't use fancy buzzwords such as "cloud computing" to try to lure you into a sale, we just provide solid, stable software that can be tailored to your own unique needs. We don't make extra money on the side by selling your data for research. If you want to be in control of your own database and not have to trust someone else by storing your data on their server, then MMjOS Pro is what you are looking for.

You will find that there are features that MMjOS Pro provides that are not found in other management systems, like advanced Contact Management. This is because our applications have been developed by a team of professionals with many years in Information Technology, a thorough understanding of Medical Marijuana laws, an understanding of standard business practices, a solid rapport with our clients, and a passion for protecting the public's right for safe access. Our system designer has over 25 years experience developing software solutions for a wide variety of industries, including health care, from small retail businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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   Member Contact Management. Use Merge Templates to send personalized messages for one-time mailings or standard messages sent on regular basis, using email, text, and/or postal mail. Target just about any group of members you can think of to send notices or special offers to, such as: members with recommendations that just expired or will soon expire, members that haven't visited in a while, new members, those with birthdays coming up soon, hospice patients, and members that have signed up for monthly newsletters or other special programs. The system tracks all messages and mailings sent to each member.

   Medicine Room Visitor Queue. Allows the back-office to automatically show a list of those member patients that are currently checked-in and waiting to be served, in the order they are to be served. This list is in large type making it easy to see without being directly in front of the monitor, and also allows the back-office to (1) see the driver license/ID card so you can use the picture on it address the member patients by name, (2) immediately know anyting special about the member that you've defined in a custom User-Defined Field (such as their preferred name or if they are a hospice patient, for example), and (3) be alerted to any special circumstances or instructions created at the check-in desk. This is demonstrated in a new video that can be found on our demo page.

   Home Delivery Support which you can read about on our Home Delivery page.

   The fastest new member entry process in the business; a swipe of their ID card populates much of the data for you (driver license, state ID card, or state approval card if it includes a magnetic strip or bar code). Comcpared to the web-based applications, which require you to scan documents to your hard drive, then upload them, with MMjOS Pro documents scan directly into the database in a single step process. You can scan ID cards, recommendation letters, state approval cards, membership agreements, proof of residence, or anything else necessary.

   The fastest member check-in in the business as well; swipe the ID card and then you can check them in with a single button click. If you don't have their ID card (or the mag strip is not functioning) then finding by name or ID number is amazingly fast as well, because with each character you type the list of matching records narrows until the person you want appears on the screen.

   User-Based Security. Provides full control over who can read, add, or update each separate piece of data, as well as who can perform critical functions such as terminating a member, deleting a duplicate record, exporting data, or creating email blasts. As a new user learns the ropes and earns trust, you can change their permissions to match their duties.

   Popup Notices. One member has won a prize in a contest. A different member left their sunglasses during his last visit. One member is suspected of theft and should be watched closely, or has bounced a check. A message will automatically pop-up for the clerk to read and acknowledge when the member visits, so management's instructions are always followed. This is much more reliable than hoping the clerk reads a note buried on the screen or tacked onto a bulletin board.

   Striking Visual Cues. Color coding and red highlights ensures that you know immediately the status of a patient and their recommendation (including expired, about to expire, not yet verified, or blacklisted), if their driver license has expired, and even if it's their birthday.

   Automated Internet Lookups for speedy verification of physician licenses, state approval cards, and recommendations (if the doctor uses website verification). We will pass the information to the website whenever possible; for example, in California a single button click will send a physician license number to the license validation website for you.

   Integration with Google Maps making it quick and easy to find a patient's address on a map and get directions to it.

   Online Membership Application. Prospective members can apply for membership online, automatically populating the database with their information, including their ID card and doctor recommendation (or state approval card). This can be integrated with your website or acccessed through a simple url link. We can also create a website for you. See how this works in this video..

   Appropriate data encryption and security, ensuring that patient/member data can only be accessed through the MMjOS interface and preventing unauthorized access.

   User Defined Fields which allow you to customize the application and track information that is unique to your own particular needs. For example, you could have more than one level of membership, track hospice patients, record scheduled orientation dates, or know when hospice patients have received their weekly care package of discounted or fee medicine.

   Data Analysis and Research Tools. Includes several reports and the ability to export member and visit data to Excel (with or without personal identifying information), for all members or select groups of members. This includes the ability for members to rate the effectiveness of the strains they obtain in order to produce an analysis of which strains or most effective for each medical condition members are seeking relief for.

   Support for multiple locations to access the same data.

   Free support for any technical issues found with the software. Tech support is only charged for issues that have nothing to do with the MMjOS software itself (and sometimes we don't even charge for that).

   Our commitment to you to provide whatever you need to comply with state laws or local ordinances or be successul whenever possible. Many features that will be found in our applications were in response to the needs of our clients. We are always willing to add new functionality; all you have to do is ask!

   And much, much more!      Demo Videos

Demo/Training Videos

MMjOS Pro Evaluation Copy

MMjOS 5.0
Due to popular demand, over two dozen improvements and new features are included this release. The most notable of these is in the area of Member Contact Management. You can read more on our News page.

Not all Vendors
are the Same!

Some of our competitors are known to raise their monthly fees once they have you as a customer. Some charge $250-$400 per month in perpetuity to host your database on their web-server, then make extra money by selling your data to researchers. They will use marketing buzzwords such as "cloud computing" to lure you in. They are only in the business to make as much money off of the greenlife community as possible.

MMjOS has never raised our prices, and we've been in business since 2006. In fact, cost of ownership of MMjOS Pro only keeps decreasing as we grow and expand.

We are in this business for a completely different reason; we have a passion for supporting the community and helping others. Read more about our company