Medical Marijuana Operating Systems
Software Systems for Medical Marijuana Collectives and Physicians

Company Overview

MMjOS was developed by a team of professionals with many years in Information Technology, a thorough understanding of Medical Marijuana laws, a solid rapport with collective managers, and a passion for protecting the industry. Our system designer has over 25 years experience developing software solutions for a wide variety of industries, including health care, from small retail businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Who Would You Rather Do Business With?

We are here to serve the public, versus those companies that are in business to make as much money off the greenlife community as possible.

You won't be spending $250 a month or more in perpetuity to have someone host your data on their server. We don't use fancy buzzwords such as "cloud computing" to try to lure you into a sale, we just provide a solid, stable software that allows you to tailor to your own needs. We don't make extra money on the side by selling your data for research. If you want to be in control of your own database and not have to trust someone else by storing your data on their server, then MMjOS Pro is what you are looking for.

One of our stories: "When I was approached about joining this project team, I visited a friend of mine to get his input and advice. This friend is a hemophiliac that has watched many of his friends die after contracting AIDS from blood transfusions before testing was mandatory, and is HIV-positive himself. He is very active politically, and personally knows many people that have cancer, Crohn's disease, or Chronic Wasting Disease and use medical marijuana medicinally. He does not want to see a reversal in the laws permitting usage of medical marijuana, was concerned about the bad apples spoiling it for those that need it the most, and was very pleased to know I was going to work on this project. Providing solutions to prove compliance and support the commmunity is our number one goal, not grabbing as much of the physicians' and member funded collectives' income as possible."

Examples of People We Like to Help

This is a video about a 2-year old that is alive today because of cannabis oil. It is a must watch for anyone against, or undecided about, medical marijuana.

This story desribes a man in great pain that would rather use cannabis instead of the narcotics that are causing him memory loss and constipation.

This story tells of a young man that uses medical marijuana throat lozenges to stop or limit a seizure once an attack happens, who was at first barred from school and is now fighting for the right to use them at school when necessary and dispensed by school nurse.

This story tells us of a man that was denied liver transplant because of his use of medical marijuana, and has died recently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and encourage the public's safe access to Medical Marijuana.

Our primary focus is to support Collectives and Physicians in complying state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines, as well as keeping service costs to a minimum, so they can safely continue to provide their compassionate care services for those truly in need.

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Passion and compassion...

We are here to help