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MMjOS Home Delivery Support

MMjOS has special features that support home delivery operations. This includes both those that have added delivery services to their brick and mortar dispensary as well as those that only do home delivery.

Multiple Delivery Routes

Multiple delivery areas/routes can be set up beforehand using zip codes. When a new visit order is taken, it is automatically placed into the appropriate delivery route. Zip codes outside predefined routes are also accommodated. You can also choose to assign a visit order to a route on the fly as the order it taken or filled. If the need ever arises, multiple routes can be combined into a single delivery trip. The system is flexible enough to handle whatever you need at the time.

Delivery Route Planner

When it's time to make a delivery trip, you will be able to create a map with directions for all of the delivery stops, and have the route optimized for either shortest time or mileage. Drivers will leave with not only a map but with all the pertinent information about the members they will be visiting, plus any notes for each visit (which can include things like what they ordered, how much to collect, and any paperwork they need to take care of).

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Demo/Training Videos

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MMjOS 5.0
Due to popular demand, over two dozen improvements and new features are included this release. The most notable of these is in the area of Member Contact Management. You can read more on our News page.

Not all Vendors
are the Same!

Some of our competitors are known to raise their monthly fees once they have you as a customer. Some charge $250-$400 per month in perpetuity to host your database on their web-server, then make extra money by selling your data to researchers. They will use marketing buzzwords such as "cloud computing" to lure you in. They are only in the business to make as much money off of the greenlife community as possible.

MMjOS has never raised our prices, and we've been in business since 2006. In fact, cost of ownership of MMjOS Pro only keeps decreasing as we grow and expand.

We are in this business for a completely different reason; we have a passion for supporting the community and helping others. Read more about our company