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After you are done watching our demos, you can test drive it yourself! The software comes with a 30-day try-it-before-you-buy-it evaluation period. Request Evaluation Copy

Looking for our demos for Physicians? You can find them here.

MMjOS 5.0

This version includes over two dozen improvements and new features you can read about on our News page. Updated demo videos with will be recorded and published soon.

Demo/Training Videos Flash
Windows Media Player
Introduction Play Play    Download Play
Getting Started Play Play    Download Play
Patient List Screen Play Play    Download Play
Patient Data Entry Play Play    Download Play
Caregivers Play Play    Download Play
Visit List Play Play    Download Play
Medicine Room Visitor Queue Play Play    Download Play
Home Delivery Support Play Play    Download Play
Apply for Membership Online Play Play    Download Play
Mail Merge (form letters) Play Play    Download Play

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MMjOS Online

Product Details

After you are done watching our demos, you can test drive it yourself! The online version comes with an 30-day evaluation period before subscription and hosting fees kick in.

To evaluate the software, all you have to do is register for an account. After the system notifies us of your registration, we will send you an email with the account logon information. Or you can contact us for more information.

Online Membership Application with MMjOS Online YouTube
System Overview of MMjOS Online YouTube
Data Entry in MMjOS Online YouTube

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We love using Medical MDB/MMjOS as it speeds up time entering patient information, tracking visits, and adding specific notes to patient files. I have never come across an easier to use interface! Everything is laid out in a helpful way that makes training new users easier than ever! I would recommend this system to ANY person who is starting a collective, updating their current software, or wants a convenient way to track patient information for their medical marijuana co-op/collective.

- Camm Collective
Orange County

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