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Compliance Systems for Physicians

Physicians involved in providing services for Medical Marijuana patients face risks that many are not willing to take. If they don't strictly follow the guidelines set forth by their Medical Board they can have their license suspended or revoked.

MMjOS EMR provides a patient managment system that was designed to assist physicians in complying with Medical Board guidelines and document that they have. In addition, we strive to reduce the costs associated with management of patients and their records.

This system includes printing of recommendation/approval letters directly from the database which can be customized to the physician's own specifications, and having these documents verified on-line, reducing the number of calls they get from collectives.

MMjOS Verify allows you to only use the system for the recommendation/approval letters and online verification if you don't need the electronic medical record features. It requires the minimum data entry as possible.

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Both versions provide:

   Appropriate data encryption and security, ensuring that patient data can only be accessed through the MMjOS interface and preventing unauthorized access.

   SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for communications between your browser and our server, preventing unauthorized viewing of your data. This is the same 128-bit encryption technology utilized by on-line banking and credit card services to protect your confidential data.

   Printing recommendation/approval letters directly from the database, whicn can be customized to the physician's own specifications.

   Online verification of recommendations/approvals.

   A single monthly rate which covers all the locations a physician works out of.

The full EMR version also includes:

   Visual cues which makes it easy to identify the missing details that are necessary for Medical Board compliance.

   The ability to define, scan and store documents electronically.

   The fastest new member entry process in the business; all it takes is the swipe of an ID card (driver license, state ID card).

   Free support for any technical issues found with the software. Tech support is only charged for issues that have nothing to do with the MMjOS software itself (and sometimes we don't even charge for that).

Coming Soon to MMjOS EMR!

Patients will be able to submit their details online, reducing the data entry needs of the physician's office and reducing the time spent with the patient.

We Are Committed to our Clients

Many features that will be found in our applications were in response to the needs of our clients. We are always willing to add new features if it helps your practice.

Version Comparison

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Features MMjOS Verify MMjOS EMR
Data Encryption and Security
SSL (Secure Socket Layers)
Printing Recommendatins
Online Recommendation Verification
Upload Scanned Documents  
Medical Board Compliance Documentation  
Add Patient with ID card swipe  
Pricing MMjOS Verify MMjOS EMR
Monthly Subscription/Hosting Fees $49/month $49/month
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We've been using the MMJOS system since 2009 and have truly been impressed with its simplicity. The data entry fields and user set up is straight forward and easy to navigate, which is critical with a lobby full of patients.

We were with another service and their on-line verification was always down and of course they were never available to assist us or provide any technical support. MMJOS is always available to us; just a phone call away! They are eager to please their customers and implement suggested improvements immediately. It's a pleasure working with MMJOS.

There are other more expensive and cumbersome programs to choose from and I guaranty none will match the prompt and professional support provided by MMJOS. Regardless of price, we have found MMJOS to be the "gold" standard for our software needs. I believe price is what you pay and VALUE is what you get. For us, there is no greater VALUE than the service and support we receive from Steve and MMJOS!"

- Ken Muraki
Orange Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Do your due

Some of our competitors are known to raise their monthly fees once they have you as a customer. One started out at $49/month and slowly raised their monthly fees until it was tripled! They are only in the business to make as much money off of the greenlife community as possible.

We are in this business for a completely different reason; we have a passion for supporting the community and helping others. Read more about our company