Our Most Common Questions Answered

Do you have questions? Here is a collection of some of the questions people ask. If you have other questions that aren’t covered here feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to answer them for you!

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Question : How can you help me?

Answer : We buy houses Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding areas of Maricopa County. We are offer you a no obligation cash offer on your property. We keep some homes as rentals and others we fix up and sell. Either way you are free from the burden of your home.

Question : Are you real estate agents and will you list my home on the MLS?

Answer : Yes we are agents but when you are working with us you are not paying us a realtor fee nor are we listing your home on the MLS. We are cash buyers who just so happen to be realtors as well as investors. We buy houses all over the Phoenix Arizona and Maricopa County area.

Question : Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?

Answer : There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your home to us (often we’ll even pay your closing costs). That’s what makes us stand out above the traditional method for selling your home. We will make you a no obligation offer with no hidden fees and no hassle. If you decide to accept the offer you can walk away without the house payments and burden that comes with it and often with cash in your hand.

Question : Do you pay fair prices for properties?

Answer : Most of the houses we purchase are below market value so that we can resell the property to another homeowner at a profit. We are looking for a fair discount on the property that is a win-win situation for both you as the seller and us as the buyer. In our experience many sellers are not expecting a large payout on the property but they appreciate that we can offer all cash and close quickly while removing the weight of a home that has become a burden in some way without having to make needed repairs to list and sell the house. If that is what you are looking for then we can help! Contact us and we can see if we can come up with a fair win-win price for your home.

Question : How do you determine the price to offer on my house?

Answer : We look at the location, what repairs are needed and the price of comparable houses that have sold in the area recently. After gathering that information we will make a fair all cash offer that works for us and for you too.

Question : Is there any obligation when I submit my info? (Find out exactly how it works)

Answer : There is absolutely zero obligation for you. After you’ve told us a little about the house, we’ll take a look at things and possibly set up a tour of the house and then make you a fair price, all cash offer. After that it’s fully up to you if you want to accept or decline the offer.

Question : How soon can you close?

Answer : We can close in as little as a week from mutual agreement. We close through a title company and you will get a check as closing to use for anything you would like.

Question : What if my house is in “bad” condition?

Answer : Not a problem, we can help! We buy homes in any condition and you won’t have to worry about any repairs. We work with a team of contractors to make the home beautiful.

Question : What’s my next step?

Answer : Reach out to us by calling us at (480)-648-0668 or by simply filling out the contact form on the right. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Is There A Question That Is Not Here?

We can answer the questions for you if they are not here. Contact us today at Tru Top Offer and call the number below! There are plenty of reasons why you would need to sell your property quickly. They could include having difficulty making your mortgage payments, needing to relocate for a new job, or caring for an elderly family member. No matter the circumstances, we can help.


Pay NO Closing Costs! 


Take the Entire Offer. Need To Move Quickly? CASH Out in as Little as 5 Days. No Need to Make Repairs. We Buy Houses in any “as is” Condition! No Listings, No Realtors, No Hassles.


Tru Top Offer will guide you through the process of you selling your home! Whether you have a home that is in foreclosure, have a damaged home from fire, mold, water, termites, etc. we buy houses no matter the condition! We also buy mobile homes in any area that you may be wanting to sell your mobile home.

How We Process Your Offers

Our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Submit your Info


As soon as our team receives your info. or call in any Phoenix area, we will contact you and proceed!

Get A Cash Offer


No needed repairs or money spent on home improvements or fixing any damage in your home.

Set Move Out Date


No matter the situation or any previous obligations you have to your home, we can still help you sell your home.