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What Adds the Most Value to Sell Your House?

March 6, 2020

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When you’re ready to sell your home you always try to get the best value for your property. There are some things that you can do to improve the value of your residence and maximize your profits. Keep reading this information because it will explain some useful ways to improve your home’s value. The material presented here will also provide some useful pointers about the best way to sell your house.


1. Improve your Kitchen



sell your house



Kitchens are the “meeting halls” of most homes. This is the room in the house where families tend to gather and discuss the lives. The kitchen plays a big role in the home and many people will look to this room first to influence their decision with purchasing a house. Remodeling a kitchen is important for getting the best home possible. Fix this part of your house up before selling it, and it will help to raise your home’s overall value. states that the kitchen is the most valuable home improvement. So, when you fix up this part of your house do it right and think about what people really need and want.


2. Energy-Efficient Insulation to Sell Your House


Make sure that you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency rating. This particular upgrade will bring tremendous value to your home when you’re trying to get rid of it on the market. The reason being is that people generally want a home that isn’t going to make them go broke trying to cool and heat it up. Consumer Reports Consumer Reports states that this attribute ranks high for homebuyers. You can make your home energy efficient by insulating the basement, attic and walls. You should also install storm windows and doors since they too are energy efficient.


3. Decks Add Value


Your deck is another value point for your home that should not be overlooked. Your deck is similar to your kitchen in terms of use. It is a place for families to gather during the warm months and it is also a place to entertain guests. Design Builders Design Builder sayys when you upgrade your deck area make sure that you use wood materials to complete the job. A new deck will give your home a comfortable feel. Many homebuyers will find this attribute hard to resist.


4. Add Energy Efficient Windows


We discussed the value of insulation and energy efficiency. We also talked briefly about storm doors and windows. You can get energy efficient windows and put them in. These windows are generally new and they help to keep your home protected from energy loss. HGTV says you should not only use these windows as a part of your energy efficiency mix, you should add them because of the aesthetic value. Your home’s interior and exterior appearance will be enhanced with clean and fresh windows.


5. Adding Bathroom Will Increase your Home’s value



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Many used homes only have one bathroom. Having one bathroom really annoys people. This is also true for small or regular sized families that have between 2 and 5 people. Naturally, families that have between 5 – 8 people are going to benefit more from 1 ½ and 2 bathrooms. If your home only has one commode, add another. Pocket Sense informs us that this upgrade can increase a home’s value by 10.5%. This is a decent increase and it is a very useful addition.


6. Upgrade your Garage


The website Garage Cabinets validates the fact that home improvements your garage area are important. This part of your home increases in value because of its extra space that can be used for storage or as an extra room for anything you want to do. Experts recommend that you insulate your garage, make the floors slip proof and add useful shelving for storage. You can also enhance the lighting in your garage space for maximal effect.


7. How to Sell My House Fast


If you’re sitting there wondering, “how do I sell my house fast” then you must keep reading. The best way to sell your house is to gauge the market. What is the market like in your community? More specifically, what are home sales like in your neighborhood? Once you get this information it will provide you with a better understanding about how you can sell your own place.


The next step is to figure out the basic things you should do to get your home ready for sale. You must clean, touch up the paint and fix important systems within your home before you try and sell your house now. If you don’t do these things you could be selling yourself short. People will be all inside of your home during the selling process. If you keep a bad looking home this could work against you.


Websites like Opendoor provide these home selling tips. You should figure out how you are going to sell your house. Come up with a realistic asking price. The price you are asking for your home should be in relation to the properties around you. Market and list your home for sale. Then get ready to show off your home. This part of the process can be tedious, frustrating and/or irritating.


Review offers and negotiate with serious buyers. Finally, close any deal once you accept an offer. Then you need to move your stuff out of your old home into your new residence. The quicker you can complete these steps the quicker you can sell your house fast. Once you sell your home, you should enjoy the money you got from the sale or use it to fund a new place.


8. Mistakes to Avoid when Trying to Add Value to your Home


There are some things that you should not add to your home when improving its value. Don’t add a hot tub or sauna because your hot water tank might have to be changed to accommodate it. Don’t add a swimming pool because everyone doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with a swimming pool and don’t add an additional room to your house (other) than a bathroom. Even the University of Central Florida doesn’t recommend up-scaling your current bedroom to increase value. Remember, you can add a lot of “cool” features to your house but if buyers don’t want those things, your home’s value will not go up and you’ll end up losing money in the end.

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