Sell a House on Craigslist

At A Glance:

How to Sell a House on Craigslist


Getting your house listed on Craigslist in the United States is almost as easy as buying something on Amazon.


The first step is to go to the website and click “create a posting.” After that, just follow the prompts and fill in the information. Just select “real estate — by owner” as the category. You’ll want to be thoughtful about the ad.


Keep reading for tips on how to create the best FSBO listing on Craigslist.

Pros of FSBO on Craigslist


One of the biggest reasons that sellers decide to sell their home on Craigslist rather than working with a real estate agent is to save on commission.


On a $300,000 house, the commission can be $15,000 or more. On a $1 million dollar house, the commission could be $50,000! However, it’s important to remember that you’ll only save on listing agent commission this way. Chances are you’ll still be on the hook for the buyer’s agent commission, which is approximately 3% of the final sale price.


Assuming your buyer has a realtor; as the seller, you must offer a buyer’s agent commission for the work the agent does. If the buyer has no agent, you can pay a real estate transaction coordinator to draw up the contracts, but this will still cost some money.


Selling your house on Craigslist also requires less of a commitment. Many realtors require sellers to sign an agreement committing to multiple months. With Craigslist, if you change your mind, you can just delete the ad!

What Makes a Good Craigslist Listing?


There are some important things to include in a Craigslist ad so you have the best chance of selling your house.


First is to write a good description. Include details about your home that make it special and let potential buyers know about any improvements you have made to the property.


Make sure you include all the relevant details about the property in your Craigslist listing buyers want to know. This will save you from answering a ton of questions.


Tell people about the parking and laundry situation, and the yard. Use keywords you think people might search for when looking for a home.


Next, include at least four (or more) quality photos, taken in a good light, and showing different areas of the home.


These photos should be clear, bright, and in focus. Be sure to show both inside and outside areas of the property. The best time to take photos is midday when the sun is not super bright. You want to make sure things don’t look dark but also don’t have a glare.


Another important thing to include in your ad is a way for potential buyers to contact you! Unless you want your phone ringing constantly, the best advice is to include your email address (and not your phone number) in the ad.


This way, people can contact you whenever they want, but you won’t be bothered by midnight phone calls.


Once you create your ad, you will want to renew it as frequently as allowed so it always appears at the top of searches.