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What Should I Fix Before I Sell My House?

March 12, 2020

Writen by TruTopOffer


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The prospect of getting a house up to standard to put on the market can seem complicated and daunting enough. There us the usual clearing the cutter, deep cleaning, and scrutinizing the property to check on issues that need fixing.  If you’re trying to sell your house fast for cash, then there are areas on the property that must be fixed to attract a handsome amount. Gone are the days of just putting the house on the market and hoping for a miracle. Preparing for a sale is a highly thought and choreographed process, with every little detail adding up to a much more significant outcome.

The following are things that anyone should fix before attempting to sell your house.


The Exterior of your home


The exterior is always the first thing that potential buyers get to see. It has a significant psychological influence on the final decision to buy. Whenever I want to sell my house, I usually ask my real estate agent friend on what to fix on the exterior. The following are significant areas he tells me to fix:


The roof


Even before stepping into your house, the first thing a buyer sees is the roof. Therefore, the sight of missing or broken tiles will be a significant drawback to your efforts to sell the home. Fixing any areas of the roof that are likely to cause water damage to the home will give you a massive head start before revealing the interior.




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The state of your lawn will also influence a home buyer’s thoughts on the house. Truth the matter is, buyers always buy with their eyes. Therefore, giving your yard a face lift will not harm.

Trim any overgrown tree limbs which might be blocking the house’s view. Also, make sure that tree branches are coming into contact with the home.





You should always ensure that the yard drainage is inclined away from the foundation of the home. If, after the rains, water collects at the base of the foundation, it will be essential to hire a contractor to regrade the yard. You can also choose to bust out concrete to fix the problem.




It will be essential to fix any sagging floors and cracks along the walls. Any home should have a sound foundation to avoid any chances of collapse. When I want to sell my house, the foundation would be a particularly vital thing to fix to give the house the best chance on the market.


Garage Door


If the garage isn’t working, you will have no option but to fix it. Also, of importance will be to ensure any remotes are in optimal condition. Any dings or dents will need sorting out before you put the house on the market.


The exterior doors


The exterior doors are also essential to fix. Any dings and dents will need straightening out, and door handles should be in good condition too. If the house has sliding doors, they need to be aligned on tracks. If there are any issues, it is always advisable to seek the services of a contractor.


The interior of the house


I usually wondered about the best ways of how to sell my house. After speaking with several individuals with top experience in real estate matters, I got to know the best way to sell my home, is by making the interiors as attractive as possible. Therefore, the following areas are a must to fix in the interior of your house.


The Kitchen


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It is considered a priority area for most home buyers. Whether I want to sell my home, or buy a house, the kitchen is a vital area to check. Any broken cabinet doors or malfunctioning devices will be a big disappointment.

Replace anything that is broken, like counters and cabinets. You can give the kitchen a face uplift with an upgrade on the devices. If there is one area that has the most considerable influence on whether to buy is the kitchen. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any broken in this vital room of the house.




Bathrooms are another high priority area to consider whether selling or buying a house. There shouldn’t be any broken shower heads, malfunctioning water heaters, broken bathtubs, or tiles. Also, the mirrors shouldn’t be cracked.

The plumbing should be top-notch with no leaks from the pipes. Any broken item should be fixed, as is all leaking pipes and taps.

If it can’t be fixed, you will have to consider replacing, for example, the bathtubs. The rule of the game here is- clean and straightforward.




A new floor can transform the look of the entire home. What you step on creates value, and it will factor in the final decision to buy the house. No new homeowner wants to spend extra money on fixing the floor.

Therefore, any cracked floor tiles should be replaced. Dented hardwood floors can be refinished. The carpets can be steam-cleaned if you happen to have any pets.


Walls and ceilings


It is crucial to fix the nail holes by filling them. If there are minor dings on the drywall, you can undertake repairs by hiring a professional contractor.

You can also repaint areas where there are discolorations due to water damage. A new coat of paint is one of the cheapest methods you give the rooms a fresh new look.


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system


It is another important item that should be working if I want to sell my house fast. A potential buyer would want to move in immediately, and thus if I want to sell my house for cash, in a quick deal, the HVAC should be in optimal working condition.

The thermostat should be operating correctly. Also, it shouldn’t have any leaks. Since many homeowners cannot fix this on their own, you can have a qualified HVAC technician test it and fix any issues found.


Final thoughts about how to sell my house


When I was putting my first home up for sale, I wondered about the best ways of how to sell my house. With in-depth research, I came to discover, fixing the above areas gives a house or home the best chance of finding a new buyer fast. If you’ve been maintaining your house over the years, you might find that you will undertake minimal repairs.

However, if you haven’t been paying attention to these vital areas, you will need to consider replacing or fixing them before placing your home on the market.

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